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Vapor Liquid separators are one of the most common types of process equipment. This article provides step-by-step procedure for two phase vertical vapor liquid separator design. Vapor liquid separation occurs in three stages. The first stage, primary separation uses an inlet diverter so that momentum of the liquid entrained in the vapor causes the largest …

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Pump is a most common equipment used in a chemical plant to transfer fluid from one location to another. This article shows how to do pump sizing calculation to determine differential head required to be generated by pump based on suction and discharge conditions. Suction Pressure Pressure at pump suction is calculated as following PSuct. …

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The Joback method is a group contribution method which calculates thermophysical and transport properties as a function of the sum of group parameters. It uses a very simple and easy to assign group scheme. This article shows how to calculate properties using Joback Method in an excel spreadsheet. Example Estimate properties for 1-Butanol based on …

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In Bell Delaware method, the fluid flow in the shell is divided into a number of individual streams. Each of these streams introduces a correction factor which is used to correct heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop across the shell. This article gives step-by-step guidance on doing heat exchanger rating analysis based on Bell-Delware method. …

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This article shows how to estimate binary interaction parameter (BIP) used in Peng Robinson (PR) Equation of State (EOS) from experimental data by regression in excel spreadsheet. Example Determine binary interaction parameter used in Peng Robinson EOS for a mixture of acetone and chloroform from Tx-y experimental data available at 101.33 kPa. Obtain pure component …

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