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Heat Exchanger Analysis

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Heat Exchanger Analysis based on Effectiveness (ε) – NTU method is done when inlet temperatures are known and outlet temperatures are to be determined. Obtain Process Parameters Get process stream mass flowrate (M), specific heat (Cp) and inlet temperature (T). Obtain the heat transfer area (A) and overall heat transfer coefficient (U) for the given …

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Estimating Binary Interaction Parameter by Regression

where to purchase Lyrica

Wilson equation is commonly used to predict non ideality in binary mixture vapor liquid equilibrium. This article shows how to estimate binary interaction parameters used in wilson equation from experimental data by regression in excel spreadsheet. Example Determine binary interaction parameters used in wilson equation for a mixture of acetone and chloroform from T x-y …

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Heat Loss from Insulated Pipe

buy Lyrica mexico

Heat loss/gain takes place from a pipe carrying hotter/ colder fluid than ambient temperature. Insulation reduces the heat loss to surroundings. Heat loss depends upon number of factors like insulation thickness, ambient temperature, wind speed etc. This article shows how to calculate heat loss from an insulated pipe and a bare pipe to surroundings. Example …

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Linear Programming in Excel

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Linear Programming is a widely used mathematical technique designed to help managers and engineers in planning and decision making relative to resource allocation. Linear programming (LP) model essentially consists of 3 components. Decision Variables Objective function Constraints This article shows how to develop LP model in Excel. Example Multipurpose plant is used to manufacture three …

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Sizing Expansion Tank for Hot Oil System

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Expansion tank is provided in hot oil system to accommodate for the increased thermic fluid volume due to thermal expansion. It also helps in removal of moisture and non-condensables during start-up. This article will show how to do sizing of an expansion tank. Example Size an horizontal expansion tank for hot oil system using Therminol …

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